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World War II Review
He was the military leader of
Hideki Tojo
This was the code name for the
making of the atomic bomb.
The Manhattan Project
The Desert Fox - leader of Axis
troops in North Africa and in
France during D-Day. What
was his real name?
The Soviets stopped the Nazis
advance at this city. Sometimes
called the turning point of the
war in Europe.
V-E Day occurred on…
May 8, 1945
An Allied victory at this battle
prevented the Japanese from
invading Australia.
Battle of the Coral Sea
The term “Issei” means:
People in the United States who had
immigrated from Japan.
The first country invaded by
Germany was…
This document signed by FDR
said that Americans could not
supply foreign nations with
goods or weapons.
Neutrality Acts
Hitler signed the nonaggression pact with what
leader and his country.
Stalin, USSR
This document said that Hitler
would not invade any more
land if Britain and France
allowed them to take
Munich Pact
The leader of the American naval
forces in the Pacific was…
Chester Nimitz
At Pearl Harbor, the most
casualties occurred when this
ship sank.
The U.S.S. Arizona
The W.A.C. stands for…
“The Women’s Army Corp”
Which of the following battles
occurred closest to Japan?
a) Iwo Jima
b) The Battle of Midway
c) Okinawa
The Axis powers include what
three countries…
1) Japan
2) Germany
3) Italy
“The Night of the Broken
Glass”- where Jewish shops
and property was damaged is
What are the names of the two air
forces that engaged in combat at
the Battle of Britain
The RAF and the Luftwaffe
The WPB’s role during the war
was to…
Decide what companies converted to
war time production needs
The Atlantic charter involved
what two leaders?
Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano
The Allied invasion of Northern
Africa was called …
Operation Torch
Hitler wrote a book called…
Mein Kampf
The Bomb was dropped on
Nagasaki on this date.
August 9, 1945
The Battle of the Atlantic
involved what three countries?
Germany and the United States and
Great Britain.
The Supreme Commander of
the Allied Forces in the Atlantic
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Name two other options besides
dropping the atomic bomb.
1) Diplomatic- conditional surrender
2) Invade Japan
3) Wait for Russians to help
Who won the American
presidential election in 1944?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Hitler invaded all of the following
countries EXCEPT:
What was the American policy
towards foreign affairs called in the
This country was defeated at the
Battle of the Bulge.
Hitler used this military tactic in
bombing Poland.
This act passed by Congress
allowed America to ship
weapons across the ocean to
England and Britain.
Lend Lease Act
This famous Jewish scientist came
to the United States at the
beginning of World War II.
Albert Einstein
The date of D-Day (month, day,
year) and the region of France
June 6, 1944; Normandy
This general was in charge of
the Philippines prior to the
Bataan Death March.
General MacArthur
After the United States entered
the war they decided to
concentrate most of their efforts
on Germany first. Why?
1) Because they considered Hitler most
2) Because Stalin needed help
3) Because the U.S. could only look for help
in the Pacific when Hitler was defeated
This general and his troops
liberated Paris…
General Patton
This leader signed the Munich Pact
with Hitler…
Neville Chamberlain
“OPA” stands for…
The Office of Price Administration
This organization championed
isolationism in the United States.
America First