Battle of the Bulge

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Transcript Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge
• Allied forces began to advance
on Germany from the west
• Soviet forces advanced on
Germany from the east
• Hitler now faces a war at 2
• He counterattacks in the west
in hope of splitting up the
British and U.S. supply lines
• German tanks broke through
American defenses in Dec.
Battle of the Bulge
• Even though the Americans
were caught off guard, they
were able to hold off the
• Germans had to retreat
• After the battle, the war began
to come to an end
• March of 1945, Allies rolled
across the Rhine River
• In April, 3 million Allies came
from the SW, Soviets came
from the east
Hitler Prepares for the End
• As the Allies approached
Berlin, Hitler prepares for the
• Marries Eva Braun
• Next day he and Braun
commit suicide
• Their bodies carried outside
and burned
• May 7, 1945 Eisenhower
accepts Germany surrender
• V-E Day (Victory in Europe)
Victory in the Pacific
• Fall of 1944, Allies move onto
• MacArthur regains the
• To prevent Allied
advancement, Japan goes
after the US fleet in the Battle
of Leyte Gulf
• Japan uses the kamikazes as
an attempt to stop the fleet
• March of 1945 U.S. Marines
take Iwo-Jima
• Took heavy losses
• By April, the U.S. move onto
Okinawa in southern Japan
• Japan puts up a fight
• Japan looses 100,000 troops
while the Americans lose
Japan Surrenders
• Truman realizes to take Japan
may cost many American lives
• Truman uses a new weapon
known as the atomic bomb
• Truman warns the Japanese
• Aug. 6th the first bomb drop
on Hiroshima (70-80,000
people die)
• Aug. 9th bomb hits Nagasaki
(70,000 killed)
• Japan surrenders on Sept. 2nd