CH.16 Sec.1 *Hitler*s Lightning War*

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Transcript CH.16 Sec.1 *Hitler*s Lightning War*

CH.16 Sec.1 “Hitler’s Lightning War”
WWII 1939-1945
Sept. 1939 –Hitler’s BLITZCREIG or
lightning war. German planes bomb
airfields, factories, cities on Poland.. Stalin
invades from the east.
Apr 1940- Hitler launches blitzkrieg on
Norway and Denmark then on the
Netherlands and Belgium
• May 1940 Italy declares war on France
• June 1940- Force French to sign surrender
documents in same railroad car in which
Germany had to sign armistice
• Without the French, Winston Churchill
rallies the British fight
• Aug 1940- Battle of Britain beginsGermany sends 1st bombs
• Sept 1940- Shower bombs over London for
57 nights. City did not break under the blitz
and Brit morale was not destroyed
• June 1941- Hitler abandons the operation
and then targets the Soviet Union
July 1941 Hitler pushed the British back across the
desert toward Cairo
June 1941 Hitler embarks on Operation Barbarossa- the
conquest of the Soviet Union. He wanted to gain living
space for Germans and gain resources. 3 million
Germans pour into Russia and it caught Stalin
unprepared. Russia loses 2.5 million soldiers.
Factories/crops were destroyed… However, Hitler was
not prepared for the Russian winter
• US Pres Roosevelt (FDR) found ways around the neutrality acts to
give aid to Britain
• 1941 FDR and congress pass Lend-Lease Act= allows to sell or lend
war materials to any country “Whose defense the President deems
vital to the defense of the US” (Arsenal of Democracy)
• Aug 1941 Roosevelt and Churchill met secretly on warship in the
Atlantic and wrote the Atlantic Charter= goals for WWII
• Dec.1941 Japan join war/ advance into French Indochina To stop
Japanese aggression the US ban the sale of war materials to Japan
• Dec.7 1941 General Tojo orders surprise attack on American fleet at
Pearl Harbor. Japanese airplanes destroy 19 ships, smash planes
and kill 2400 people
• FDR asks congress to declare war on Japan and 3 days later
Germany and Italy declare war on US