Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence
Mang Ka Wing (21)
Introduction of AI
Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, is a
combination of computer science,
physiology. AI is a broad topic, consisting
of different fields, from machine vision to
expert systems. The element that the fields
of AI have in common is the creation of
machines that can “think”.
Goal of AI
AI is both a scientific and as engineering
discipline; it seeks to both discover and
Example of AI
Now, I will tell you about the AI technology. For
example, some AI technology may be avoiding an
automatic accident for cars.
And some AI technology of Household robots
keep the house becomes trivial. The house or
apartment will be clean and things will be kept
put away. I think that shopping also becomes
trivial, either by sending the robot to the store or,
more likely, by an automatic delivery system.
Conclusion of AI
In my conclusion, I think that AI
technology is an easier technology and will
probably be available sooner.