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Informatics MSc Course
PLAN – Automated Planning
The aim of this course is to provide:
• a solid grounding in artificial intelligence techniques and
algorithms for planning, with
• a comprehensive view of the wide spectrum of different
problems and approaches,
• including their underlying theory and their applications
AI Planning in Productive Use
Defining AI Planning
 planning:
•explicit deliberation process that chooses and
organizes actions by anticipating their outcomes
•aims at achieving some pre-stated objectives
 AI planning:
•computational study of this deliberation process
Course Description
 Understand and formalize different types of planning
 Discuss the theoretical and practical applicability of
different approaches
 Have the basic know how to design and implement
planning systems
 Know how to use planning technology for projects in
different application domains
 Ability to review planning literature relevant to an area
covered in the course
Potential MSc Projects
 A Human/Robot/Sensor System Team for an
Emergency Response Task
 Teamwork for Emergency Response
 Controlling Avatars in a MMORPG
 Self Proposed? Come and Talk with us.
Dr. Gerhard Wickler
Prof. Austin Tate
• Research Fellow, Artificial
Intelligence Applications Institute
• Director, Artificial Intelligence
Applications Institute
• Research on capability
representations for intelligent
agents, AI search algorithms, multiagent planning in search and rescue
• Professor of Knowledge-Based
Systems, University of Edinburgh
• Research
. on advanced knowledge and
planning technologies, especially for
use in emergency response and search
and rescue.