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Facebook Marketing
The Stuff the Guru’s don’t want you to see
What we will cover
• A not so common Tool that can cut out the time wasting
• The Easy way to do B2B marketing
• Make a Purposeful Planned strategy and then Implement it
• Lists - Lists are a way to organize things on Facebook, like your friends
or the things you're interested in
• Once you have created these lists, you can filter your news feed by
Past Clients
Referral Partners
Personal Friends
Here’s how………..
• On the left hand side of the “home” screen look for the header
• When you mouse over the friends section, the “more” option will
appear……click it
• You will notice you already have some “default” lists
Your schools
Your work
Close Friends
Your Interests
• Click the “create list” option
• Name the list, then add friends to the list and select “create”
(just begin typing the name and the profile link will pop up)
• Once you click “create” you will be automatically navigated to that
lists “news feed”
• That’s were the power in this is
• You are seeing posts and activity from ONLY people on your list
• Makes it very easy to know who to engage with
• Make a list for any and all business related “friends”
• To view that list or other lists, from the home screen……
• Mouse over friends on the left hand side
• Select more
• Select the list you want to see the news feed for
B2B Marketing
• You MUST have a fan page
• 78% of fortune 500 companies have a fan page
• Consumers will search for your business on FB
• If they do not find it, they see your business as less than others in the
same business with a fan page
B2B Marketing
• Engage with your referral partners and local business’s AS your page
• Your partners are trying to get “noticed” on FB as well
• Simple engagement will prompt them to engage back with you
Here’s how you do it……….
B2B Marketing
• On the top right hand side of Facebook is a drop down arrow
• The first option is “use facebook as” and you will see your business
• Select the page you want to “engage” other business’s with and then
click the home button
• You will notice your news feed no longer has your friends, only other
business pages you have liked (if the news feed is empty you just
need to “like” any other business page you want to do this with)
B2B Marketing
B2B Marketing
• You can also search for pages to begin engaging with
• The search tool works the same as if you were using Facebook as
Here’s how to get the most out of the search…..
B2B Marketing
• In the search bar type in the keyword you are looking for pages of
• Do Not hit enter
• Select the option on the bottom of the search pop up “see more
results for…….”
B2B Marketing
Purposeful Planned Implementation
• You now have and easy way to focus your efforts on Facebook
• Add a block to your time block to engage
• Plan out your posts so you don’t have to think about it
• Plan out your engagement so you don’t have to think about it
• But most of all, plan it out so that it actually happens………
Purposeful Planned Implementation
• The Daily 10
Every day have 10 forms of engagement with your lists
likes, comments, shares
• Follow the posting for greatest method
Purposeful Planned Implementation
• Monday – Motivation
• Tuesday – The Funny’s
• Wednesday – Industry Updates
• Thursday – Engagement Posts (questions, what would you do’s)
• Friday – Testimonials, Super Man Stories
Facebook Marketing
• Get Engaging