Cellular Organization

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Cellular Organization
Cell Theory
Cells make up all life.
 Cells come from preexisting cells.
 Smallest living unit.
 Maintain homeostasis.
Cell Membrane
What it does:
•Lets things in/out
•Reacts to changes -- structural
 What it’s made of:
•Phospholipid bilayer??
•Proteins (maintain structure,
help transport food/wastes)
2 kinds of Cells
1. Sex cells:??
 2. Somatic Cells:??
Body has trillions of cells in
different shapes and sizes.
Where ATP (energy) is
2 steps to make ATP
•1. glycolysis: glucose ->
pyruvic acid
•2. Kreb: pyruvic acid -> ATP
In the nucleus; determines
how you look
 Made of nucleotides : S,P,N
 4 Nitrogenous bases: A,T,G,C
 How protein is made: DNA->
RNA -> protein
 Transcription??
 Translation??
Cell Transport
Cell is selectively permeable
 Diffusion:??
 Osmosis:??
 Facilitated Diffusion:??
 Active Transport:??
 Endocytosis
 Exocytosis
Cell environments
Hypotonic: watery
 Hypertonic: little water in
 Isotonic: same amt
in/outside of cell??
Cell Division
Mitosis: somatic cells, only 1
Meiosis: sex cells, 2 divisions
Leave a big space here because
after notes you will draw the
stages of mitosis and meiosis!!
(look on page 270-271 and 301)
More on cell growth
Cell growth is regulated by
chemicals and genes
 Cancer: abnormal cell division
that creates a tumor.
•Benign: will not spread
•Malignant: can spread;
caused by oncagenes