Chapter 1 Interactive Quiz

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Chapter 7 Interactive Quiz
Cell Structure and Function
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1. What is the Cell Theory?
A. A fundamental concept of biology
B. A 3 part statement of the basis for life
C. A necessary idea to understand biology
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
2. Which of these is a
A. Amoeba
B. Strep bacteria
C. Fungi
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
3. What is the main difference
between prokaryotes and
A. Eukaryotes have mitochondria
B. Prokaryotes have cell walls
C. Eukaryotes have organelles formed of
D. Prokaryotes have nuclei
E. All of the above
F. None of the above
4. Which of these cells is a
C. Both are eukaryote
D. Neither are eukaryote
5. What is the function of the nucleus?
A. It is the control center of the cell.
B. It contains almost all of the DNA of the cell.
C. It is like the main office of a large factory.
D. All of these.
E. None of these.
What does the ribosome do?
A. Small cellular particle where proteins are
B. Place where proteins are finished and
packaged to leave the cell.
C. Removes wastes from the cell.
D. None of these
7. What do lysosomes do?
A. Makes proteins in the cell.
B. Digests or breaks down lipids,
carbohydrates, and proteins.
C. Controls the cell.
D. Transport material throughout the cell
8. What are the main
functions of the cell
A.Regulates what enters and leaves the
B.Provides protection
C.Provides support
D.B & C only
E.All of these are right.
9. What happens during
A. Molecules move from an area of low
concentration to an area of high
B. Molecules move across a selective
C. Molecules move in all directions equally.
D. Molecules move from an area of high
concentration to an area of low
10. Which is the correct order for
the levels of organization of
multicellular organisms?
A. Cell, organ, tissue, organ system,
B. Organ, tissue, organ system, organism,
C. Cell, tissue, organ, organ system,
D. None are correct.