3-2 organelle

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Cell Structure
and Function
Write everything that is
3.2 Cell Organelles
KEY CONCEPT Eukaryotic cells share
many similarities like organelles
(mini-organs) Open your text to pg.
3.2 Cell Organelles
Cells have an internal structure.
• The cytoskeleton:
–supports and shapes cell
–helps position and transport organelles
–provides strength
–assists in cell division
–aids in cell movement
–Refer to page 73
in your text book
3.2 Cell Organelles
Several organelles are involved in
making and processing proteins.
The nucleus stores genetic
information (DNA - that is the
code for making proteins)
The endoplasmic reticulum is a
transport system for proteins
3.2 Cell Organelles
There are two types of
endoplasmic reticulum:
–rough ER with ribosomes on it
–smooth ER without
–Ribosomes link
amino acids to
make proteins
3.2 Cell Organelles
Golgi apparatus: Processes, sorts, and
delivers proteins
3.2 Cell Organelles
Vesicles are membrane-bound
sacs that hold materials
3.2 Cell Organelles
Mitochondria supply energy to
the cell
3.2 Cell Organelles
Vacuoles are fluid-filled sacs that
hold materials
3.2 Cell Organelles
Lysosomes contain enzymes
to digest and destroy materials
3.2 Cell Organelles
Centrioles are tubes found in
the centrosomes
–Centrioles help
–Centrioles form
cilia and
3.2 Cell Organelles
Plant cells have cell walls and chloroplasts
– animal cells do not
• A cell wall provides rigid support
(because of cellulose…)
3.2 Cell Organelles
Chloroplasts convert solar energy
to chemical energy (make food for
the plant)