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Norwegian Government’s
China Strategy
Presentation for SINCIERE
19 October 2007
Per W. Schive,
Environmental Counsellor
Norwegian Embassy
Three Objectives
• Promote Norwegian business, expertise and
• Integrate environmental , climate change and
sustainable concerns into all efforts
• Encourage China to play a more active role in a
world community that accords a fundamental
role to the UN, and is based on respect for
human rights, solidarity, equitable distibution and
sustainable development
Five priority areas
• Expanded economic relations
• Development that is sustainable at the
local, regional and global level
• Democracy-building and human rights
• More equitable distibution of social goods
and resources
• Closer cooperation on international issues
Sustainable development 1
• ”finance emmission reductions”
• ”building institutional technical capacity”
• ”promote energy efficiency..and renewable
• ”help China to fulfil international
environmental obligations”
• ”environmental knowledge in civil sector”
Sustainable development 2.
• ”focus on pollution reduction, conservation
of biological diversity and sustainable use
of natural resources”
• ”consultation mechanism at political level”
• ”Transfer of expertise and technology that
can help to reduce pollution”
• ”investing in CDM”
Democracy building
• ”The Government also wishes to further
develop and supplement this cooperation
(on development of good governance) by
intensifying research on issues related to
good governance”
What is announced
• Increased staff and competense in China
and in MFA, including on climate
• Increase and strengthen the existing
cooperation on environmental policy and
• Establish a new scholarship and research
program on 15 mill NOK to be managed
by MFA and NRC.
• Focus on climate change, energy,
emmission reductions and publ.awareness
• Priority to policy and management
• Strengthening of research activities
• Increased flexibility in the design and
outline of research-projects
• Increased influence by NRC