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Healthy Food in Healthcare:
The Role for Healthcare in Food and Agriculture
September 9th, 2010 Webinar
Jamie Harvie, P.E.
Institute for a Sustainable Future
[email protected]
Health Costs of
Biological Manufacturing
Human Health
Nutrition Related
• Sugars / oils/ commodities
• Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc
Social Health
Community Health – Loss of Family
Farms, Food Access
Moral Ethical Concerns – Humane
Treatment, Child Labour, Working
Environmental Health
Climate Change
Water Pollution
Habitat Loss
Ecological Model of Health / Disease
Progressive nesting of individuals within families within communities and
finally within ecosystems.
Variables at any level can directly or indirectly influence measures of
health at any level.
Influences may be identifiable as individual markers or as community
level markers
GBPSR – Healthy Aging Report
American Medical Association
Resolution 405, A-08 2009
• That our AMA support practices and policies in medical
schools, hospitals, and other health care facilities that
support and model a healthy and ecologically
sustainable food system, which provides food and
beverages of naturally high nutritional quality.
• That our AMA encourage the development of a healthier
food system through the US Farm Bill and other federal
• That our AMA consider working with other health care
and public health organizations to educate the health
care community and the public about the importance of
healthy and ecologically sustainable food systems
2012 - Farm Bill or Food Bill?
“Climate change is the largest health
threat in the 21st century” –The Lancet
Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions*
•anthropogenic (human-caused), CO2-equivalent
IPCC 2007 http://www.ipcc.ch/graphics/graphics/syr/fig2-1.jpg;
Balanced Menus Challenge:
Less Meat, Better Meat
Reduce meat purchases by
Serve smaller quantities of
sustainable meat to promote
healthy eating habits
Hospitals saving money and
mitigate climate
The Healthy Food
in Health Care Pledge
More than 300 hospitals…
“recognize that … healthy food
must be defined not only by
nutritional quality, but equally by a
food system that is economically
viable, environmentally
sustainable, and supportive of
human dignity and justice “
FS Credit 1: Sustainable Food Policy and Plan
FS Credit 2: Sustainable Food Education and Promotion
FS Credit 3: Local, Sustainably Produced Food Purchasing
FS Credit 4: Reusable & Non-Reusable Products
FS Credit 5: Hospital Supported Agriculture: Food and Farm Linkages
FS Credit 6.1: Food Donation and Composting
FS Credit 6.2: Food Services Recycling
FS Credit 7: Food Vendors
FS Credit 8: Chemical Management for Food Services
Food Service
Food Service
Operational Credits
Preservation of Antibiotics and
Medical Treatment Act (PAMTA) S.
619/H.R. 1549
• PAMTA directs FDA to
phase out medically impt.
antibiotics unless
demonstrated not to
promoted resistance
• Hospital Petition
• Health Practitioner
– MDs, RDs, RNs, CDM, etc
www. Protectantibiotics.org
Fresh Food Access
• Government investment can provide financing
for supermarkets, grocery stores, and other
healthy food retailers that plan to operate in
underserved communities. This initiative, known
as Fresh Food Financing,
• Can provide loans, grants and technical
assistance to retailers. The first statewide policy,
passed in Pennsylvania in 2004, committed
$21.9 million in grants and loans.
Policy Engagement
• Voice support at institution with decision
makers/administrators/ board
• Provide and model examples at meetings/
• Offer time / voice to sustainable agriculture,
food access, similar organizations
• Meet and/or write with/to legislators
Health Care Without Harm Food Workgroup
American Dietetic Association Hunger and
Environmental Nutrition Dietary Practice Group
Healthy Food Pledge www.noharm.org/us/food/pledge
GGHC Food Service Credits
National Sustaianable Agriculture Coalition
AMA – Council on Science and Health Report
Kaiser Institute for Health Policy