Green Action for Change

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Transcript Green Action for Change

Camden Sustainability Partnership Board
1 March 2011
Green Action for Change:
Some proposed changes following
Section 1: key goals
• We’re considering an increase in the household
waste reduction targets – currently 3% by 2012,
10% reduction by 2020
• Further to the carbon and low waste goals, add
a third key goal relating to ‘community
engagement’, measured by three indicators…
Section 1: community engagement goal
• Indicator for resident around ‘green action’:
- we will define ‘green action’, establish a baseline/
methodology and set targets for 2012 and 2014 for
inclusion in final Plan
• Indicator for businesses/other institutions/VCS:
- Increase membership of the Camden Climate Change
Alliance from 125 members in 2010 to 200 members
by 2012 and 500 members by 2014
• Indicator for schools:
- No. of schools with an eco-club/sustainability plan
Section 2: key issues and challenges
• Rename the third issue heading as follows:
- Reducing, reusing and recycling waste
• Under Issue 5 ‘Enhancing biodiversity…’ add bullet under
‘what is already being done’:
- The Council and our partners are also making links
between climate change, community activity and
health. There are outdoor Green Gyms in Camden
where volunteers are able to gain skills and improve
their health by delivering green projects
Section 3: Actions
• Change two of the action plan chapter headings to :
- Encouraging businesses, institutions and the
voluntary and community sector to play a leading role
- Encouraging schools and children and young people
to play a leading role
• Add action in “Empowering communities”:
- Establish a Camden Green Zones scheme for
communities to undertake an environmental audit
of their area and apply for Green Zone status
Section 3: Actions (cont)
• Add action in “Improving homes and supporting
- Undertake a review of lighting on council housing
estates to seek a better balance between energy
conservation, community safety and local amenity