Workshop C - Cutting Carbon Emissions, Alastair Keir, Salix

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Transcript Workshop C - Cutting Carbon Emissions, Alastair Keir, Salix

Alastair Keir, Director of Operations
18th April 2007
Our mission is to work with the public sector to reduce carbon
emissions through investment in energy efficiency and
renewable technologies.
What can Salix do for you?
•Salix can help your university cut energy bills and
reduce carbon emissions.
•We provide funding and focus for capital projects
on a match funded basis
Salix Finance – what do we do?
• We stimulate investment by
establishing ring-fenced,
interest-free funds matched by
the public sector
• Our funds recycle savings back
to the organisation
• Funding between £100k and
• We insist on cost-effective
projects with a high
persistence and CO2 impact
What value do we add to our clients?
We focus attention
• Provides focus around which action can be driven
• Makes energy management mainstream
• Accumulates and protects small projects
What value do we add to our clients?
We provide capital
• Capital budgets are under pressure
• Protects marginal energy efficiency spend
• Frees up resources for front-line services
What value do we add to our clients?
We provide advice and support
• Sharing experience and benchmarking
• Help with implementation e.g. tendering
What value do we add to our clients?
We protect reputation
• Tangible demonstration of action rather than words
• Anticipate policy constraints e.g. EPC
Investment of £41,000 on
Retrolux energy efficient
lighting at Trenchard Street
multi-story car park.
Minimum expected annual
saving of £19,000 and 95
tonnes of CO2.
Lower maintenance costs and
increased public safety.
Case study - Retrolux car park lighting
Bristol City Council
25 Southampton Buildings, London WC2A 1AL
t: 020 3043 8800
[email protected]
f: 020 3043 8799
We fund cost effective energy efficiency
projects with good persistence
Building fabric insulation
Pipe insulation
Boiler replacement
Swimming pool covers
Variable speed drives
Energy management systems
Lighting controls
Heating controls
We are seeing strong demand
across the public sector
• Our target is to be working with 80-100 organisations
by April 2008 and to deliver carbon savings of 0.1
million tonnes of carbon by 2010
• In our Local Authority Energy Financing pilot scheme,
around 500 projects are running with a total value of
• Over the summer, we more than doubled our Local
Authority programme from 19 to 45
• We have started a pilot with 8 Universities and 4 NHS
Foundation Trusts
• We are talking to several Government departments,
including Defra and the MoD
Salix Finance – our role
• Our role is to help public sector bodies reduce energy
costs and carbon emissions and show leadership in
tackling climate change by providing funding
• We are an independent not-for-profit company set up
by the Carbon Trust in 2004
• We have Government funding of ~£20m over two
• We are an integral part of the UK Climate Change
1 UK Climate Change Programme 2006