Sustainable Community Strategy

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Sustainable Community
Annual Review
The Charnwood Together Vision
“ An improved quality of life for
everyone living and working in
• Since 2008 Charnwood Together has been
delivering the Sustainable Community
• The strategy’s focus was on key issues of
PLACE in Charnwood and 21 strategic
objectives were identified to address the
issues identified
• Delivery groups were set up to help
achieve these strategic objectives
Charnwood Together Board
Charnwood Together Executive
People &
Health &
Growth &
Children &
Young People
People & Places
Delivery Group
• To work in Priority Neighbourhoods with local
people to improve quality of life through coordinated multi-agency interventions.
• To encourage activities that promote and
develop a sense of belonging for local
communities, particularly targeting those
groups that are most disaffected
People & Places
• Community Houses
– The Marios Tinenti Centre, Peel Drive.
• Over the last 2 years the remarkable turn around on Peel Drive has
continued – substantial reduction in crime and disorder; increase in
community engagement.
• The venue now plays host to a number of regular drop in sessions from
various key service providers. Over the last 12 months over 1000 individuals
have used the centre to access support.
– September 2010 saw the Official Opening Altogether Place at
Warwick Way Estate.
Altogether Place (ATP) staffed by local Community Volunteers
Warwick Way Action Group (WAGs) established and operating on estate
Weekly Coffee mornings held improving social network
Three family coach trips organised by WAGs to increase sense of community
Three Community events held on green space to fund raise and
People & Places
• Community Engagement
– 9 Multi-agency Neighbourhood Walks completed
– Successful Partnership Action Events including environmental
clean ups, information events and community lead social events.
– Continued development of local residents groups across the
priority neighbourhoods
• Partnership Working
– Strengthened working with key partners (Police; CNH; Voluntary
Sector and Communities and Health Service).
– Improved Neighbourhood Management process
People & Places
Warwick Way
Ranked second most deprived
area in the County (IMD 2010)
Low Level of Community
Lack of engagement with Service Providers
Under reporting of crime and ASB
Intimidation to prevent Co-operation with
No viable community group operating within
People & Places
Altogether Place Achievements
• Weekly drop in sessions held by service
providers increasing access for local residents
• Increased Police visibility providing reassurance
• Improving sense of Pride in area
• Volunteers include retired and unemployed residents.
• Monthly Newsletter distributed by volunteers to 750 homes providing
information on local services and community activities.
• Entry to Loughborough in Bloom
• Three Community events held on green space to fund raise
and foster sense of community
• WAGs organise Wellbeing and Money Management advice
• Visit by Baroness Newlove
Altogether Place
Community Flat
Community Safety
• This Partnership is established by statute to help create
a safer borough by promoting good citizenship and
reducing crime, anti-social behaviour and disorder.
• Aims
The Community Safety Plan outlines the main priorities for the
partnership which align with and support the strategic objectives of
the Sustainable Community Strategy with regard to crime, disorder
and other aspects of safety for communities.
• The priorities are:
Anti-social Behaviour
Violent Crime
Acquisitive Crime
Safer Communities
Partnership Improvement
Community Safety
Partnership Achievements
Serious Acquisitive Crime
Target reduction = 9%
Charnwood year to date % change = -24.6%
Domestic Burglary
Target reduction = 15%
Charnwood year to date % change = -32.8% (-34.1%)
Theft From Motor Vehicle
Target reduction = 5%
Charnwood year to date % change = -20.5%
Source: Leicestershire Police, 1st April 2009 to 29th March 2010
Community Safety
Partnership Achievements
Serious Violent Crime
Target reduction =3%
Charnwood year to date % change = -21.2%
Assault with less Serious injury
Target reduction = 5%
Charnwood year to date % change = -6.5% (-14.1%)
Antisocial Behaviour Incidents
Charnwood year to date % change = -21.2% (-20.9%)
Source: Leicestershire Police, 1st April 2009 to 29th March 2010
Community Safety
Partnership Achievements
Crave Data Survey
‘Police and Local Councils are dealing with ASB and
crime issues that matter in your area’
% Respondents who agreed
Charnwood LPU
= 63% (61%)
Loughborough LPU = 57% (56%)
Charnwood Borough = 60%
Source: Leicestershire Police, CRAVE Survey, April 2009 - February 2010
Community Safety
Partnership Case Study
Domestic Abuse Campaign
•Male Victims Awareness Campaign
at a local supermarket in August
•Using a a trailer emblazoned with the
“Are you Safe” logo across all villages
during Domestic Abuse Awareness
Week in November
Health & Wellbeing
• To develop and implement co-ordinated multi-agency
action to improve health and well being and to reduce
health inequalities in Charnwood in line with national,
regional and local priorities. To promote information
sharing and public awareness of key health and well
being issues relevant to Charnwood.
• Aims
– To co-ordinate the Charnwood contribution to Leicestershirewide, multi-agency planning for public health.
– To consider health needs assessments relevant to the Borough
and from that contribute to informed prioritisation of topics such
as sexual health and geographical areas in particular priority
Health & Wellbeing
• Health & Well Being Events
– In partnership with NWLDC and the PCT
Public Health Team, these events were
designed to target Priority
– 6 events were held in
Charnwood, providing
health advice to local
families and residents.
Health & Wellbeing
• Health & Well Being Awards
– Award for businesses that recognise healthy
workforce initiatives and covers Food Safety,
Smoking Cessation, Diet & Nutrition, Physical
Activity and Stress management in the
workplace. Further roll out is planned for
Health & Wellbeing
• Other Health Initiatives
– Highlighted the provision of over £1m Section 106
funding for health projects following development
within the borough.
– Charnwood Sports and Active Recreation Action Plan.
– Attendance of the North & South Charnwood GP
Cluster meetings.
– Nicky Morgan MP invited to discuss Local Health
Matters linked to National Health policy
development and the expected White Paper
– Member presentations given at each meeting to
inform others of the current work being undertaken
within Charnwood.
Climate Change
• Contribute positively to climate change issues through
local initiatives and to contribute to the reduction of use
of non-renewable energy by; increasing the number of
organisations and communities made aware of energy
efficiency and using energy efficient sources.
• Aims
– Promote the extent of organisations already adopting recognised
environmental management standards
– focus on transport related issues
– development of the natural environment and it’s biodiversity
– encourage greater participation in relevant initiatives.
Climate Change
• Adaptation
– The group has produced two documents about
adapting to a changing climate.
• ‘How to prepare for a changing climate’ is being made
available to introduce members of the public to the
causes of climate change, expected changes for the east
midlands, the main risks climate change presents and
what individuals and businesses can do to prepare.
• Adapting to Climate Change
• Consolidation of ‘Green Group’ Network and creation of
a directory.
• Transport
– The group carried out a review of the staff travel planning
arrangement of key LSP partners.
Climate Change
Children &
Young People
• To co-ordinate the partnership planning
and service delivery of initiatives
concerned with the well being of children
and young people
• Aim
– To promote joint working between service
providers for young people, particularly
targeting those not in employment, education
or training (NEET).
Children & Young
People Achievements
• The Charnwood Partnership for Children and
Families delivery group
• Children’s Centre Programme
– Charnwood Partnership for Children and Families
agreed priorities and commissioned services in 10/11
which are delivered in and from the Children Centres
• 5 to 19’s
– Funded a number of diverse initiatives through
Positive Activities for Young People and Regional
Improvement and Efficiency Partnership funding.
– Continued development of Integrated Youth Support
– Leicestershire District Implementation Group,
maintain the District Council Safeguarding Children,
Young People and Vulnerable Adults Policy
Children & Young
People Achievements
• The partnership gives final approval to the
spend of the commissioning budget.
• 2010/11 = £840,000
• Predicted spend = £796,260
• The programmes funded through a
commissioning process that is monitored
by the Charnwood Together Executive.
Children & Young
People Achievements
Examples of what the commissioning budget has funded.
• Obesity and Nutrition - Nutritionist support - cook & eat
• Achievement - Library Community Outreach Workers, Toy
library services, Speech & Language support
• Breastfeeding - breastfeeding cafes and parent peer supporters
• Child Poverty - Under fives welfare rights, debt and other
advice including benefit checks for new parents and housing
advice session
Children & Young
People Achievements
• Parental Support - support from
volunteers to individual families,
Family Outreach Workers, Stronger
Families Project, Parenting Group
• Teenage Parents - pregnant teenagers ‘Young mums
to be’ programme YM2B and parents with prospects
• Over Fives - Primary School Family Outreach
Workers: supporting vulnerable families in their
relationships with schools and participation in
extended schools activity
Children & Young
People Achievements
• Positive Activities for Young People and Regional
Improvement and Efficiency Programme funding, both
aimed at reducing anti-social and criminal behaviour
amongst 11-19 year olds is delivered in conjunction with
the Charnwood Youth Council.
Children & Young
People Achievements
• Increase the availability and quality of
affordable leisure activities for targeted
groups in priority neighbourhoods
• Increase opportunities for voice of young
people both within targeted neighbourhoods and
across Charnwood
• Support activities to positively impact on
emotional wellbeing and emotional literacy of
targeted young people