The Effects of Climate Change

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Transcript The Effects of Climate Change

The Effects of Climate Change
Part 3 and 4
Section 3: The effect of
climate change
◊ Recap over the notes from the last day
◊ What is the difference between Actual
and Potential change?
◊ Do you believe all of the changes are
caused by climate change?
Concept Map: The effects of climate change
Sea Levels rise
Changes to
global weather
How can Climate change
effect . . .
The Environment
Society and people
The economy
◊ Sort the cards into 3 categories
◊ Can you come up with a title for each
◊ Rank order which factor you think is the
most important and which is the least
Homework Part 1
◊ Sheet ‘The effects of Climate Change on
the UK’ an MEDC
◊ Complete the Tasks at the bottom of
the page IN FULL
Part 4: Evaluate the
sustainability of Strategies to
deal with Climate Change
The Activity
◊ Each person in the class will be assigned to strategy 1
– 4. You must then use the information provided and
any other source of information eg the Internet to be
able to present information on the different strategies for
climate change. You will then hand the information that
you have generated to Mr Manson and he will choose
one winner for each strategy who will win a prize and he
will photocopy this information as notes for the rest of
the class. This is your chance to write a textbook page
for GCSE Geography!
The Four Scenarios
1.International agreements eg Kyoto Protocol
2.The use of alternative sources of energy (wind power,
solar power and biofuels)
3.Strategies to cut down the use of private cars
(investing in public transport, and congestion
4.Strategies to slow the rate of deforestation in tropical
rainforest areas by encouraging sustainable practices
Evaluation of sustainability
Positive impacts
Negative impacts
How Sustainable?
How does it deal with Climate Change?