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Why be Market Focused ?
 Marketing - PR - Promotion - Publicity !
Ensures that the provision is recognised as an
essential service which meets community need
Creating a high profile is an essential element
of project sustainability
A Strategic Approach
Build trust
Demonstrate accessibility, affordability and
Identify the Unique Selling Point !
Include all the key ingredients for success
Developing a Strategy
 Identify aims and objectives
 Consider the nature of the target group
 Consider the full range of publicity options
 Identify the budget requirement
 Undertake regular review and evaluation
Options and Opportunities
Fliers and posters
Word of mouth
Community notice boards
Membership packs
Special events
Press / radio / tv
Website/CD Rom
Practice and Protocol
Positive promotion
Codes of conduct
Identify the message
Names,logos & signs
Community appropriate
Local partnerships
Making the most of the
Making the most of
corporate support
Identify the key
elements of a
marketing strategy for
a Neighbourhood
Nursery to be set up in
a multi-cultural
community, where
local people have not
previously had access
to pre-school
How would you work
with a long
established provider
with a failing budget
who has antagonistic
views on promotion
and marketing ?
Skills, Knowledge and Competences
 You understand the different approaches to
marketing which are appropriate for the sector
 You are able to explain the need for each
individual provider to develop their own
marketing strategy
 You support providers to develop strategies
which reflect their specific operational and
sustainability priorities
 You can show providers that effective marketing
is a key element of sustainability
Skills, Knowledge and Competences
 You ensure that your local providers allocate a
marketing budget in their business plans and
cashflow projections
 You are able to give advice on the pros and cons
of sponsorship
 You ensure that providers consider the needs of
local people who have a first language other then
 You ensure that providers consider the needs of
those with a disability when designing
promotional materials and planning events
Skills, Knowledge and Competences
 You encourage providers to monitor the cost
benefit of each publicity drive
 You encourage providers to evaluate the net
benefit of their overall strategy - in terms of funds,
community involvement and support,
sustainability and management capacity.