Transcript Baroque

Directions: Copy the notes from each slide.
Baroque Era
The Baroque is a period of
artistic style that used
exaggerated motion and clear,
easily interpreted detail to
produce drama, tension,
exuberance, and grandeur in
sculpture, painting, literature,
dance, and music. The style
started around 1600 in Rome,
Italy and spread to most of
Baroque Music
 Music
in the baroque
period featured grand
emotions and sharp
contrasts. Musicians were
also judged by their
ability to improvise
melodies, much as jazz
musicians do today.
Baroque Composers
Johann Sebastien Bach
Domenico Scarlatti
George Frideric Handel
Antonio Vivaldi
…exceeding excellence in education….
Studio Piano I, II, III, IV
I. Technique (3 times each)
A. Hanon No. 1
B. Hanon No. 2
C. Hanon No. 3
II. Individual Sessions and Practice
A. Practice Competition/Festival Repertoire
B. New Students Log in to Music Ace
C. One-on-One Sessions at the main piano
with the instructor.
Important: It’s always important for you to
begin your practice routine with a warm-up.
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