Curriculum Night 2014 - Halton Catholic District School Board

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Transcript Curriculum Night 2014 - Halton Catholic District School Board

Curriculum Night 2014
Grade 1 – Mrs. Burry
Classroom/School Routines
Snack & Lunch
• Healthy choices
• 2 snacks and lunch
(extra snacks if
• Reusable water bottle
• Indoor shoes & extra
• Please sign beside
your child’s message
• Leave notes on
opposite side
• Agenda is checked
and signed by me
each morning
Classroom/School Routines
• Please check
regularly for updates
• Important dates,
information, pictures
and suggestions for
home will be posted
• Instructions were sent
• Newsletter will be
sent home each
• Please don’t hesitate
to call with any
questions or concerns
Classroom/School Routines
• Pizza and milk forms
will be available
• School newsletter is
emailed each month
• School website has
link to newsletter
• Let the school know
of any change in your
child’s routine
• 1 or 2 books at a time
• Send book back once
finished in order to
get a new one (no set
library day)
• Science & Physical
Education teacher is
Ms. Sawchuk
The Daily 5
• A way to structure the
literacy block so all
students are engaged
in meaningful literacy
• Read to self, Read to
someone, Listen to
reading, Work on
writing and Word
• Hands-on with a
focus on problem
solving, group work
and 3 part lessons.
• Before (Minds on)
• During (Action)
• After (Consolidation)
• The focus is not on
• Reading, Writing, Oral
• 5 strands (Number Sense
and Numeration,
Geometry & Spatial
sense, Measurement,
Patterning & Algebra,
Data Management &
Religion/Fully Alive
Social Studies
Arts (Music, Visual Arts,
Drama, Dance)
• We have a class ipad that will be used for
educational math and literacy games. It
will also be used to document learning
through the use of pictures.
• Computer lab/Classroom computer
• Smartboard
Assessment & Evaluation
• Students will be continuously assessed before
learning, during learning and after learning. This
ensures that differentiated instruction can take
place (the needs of all students are met.)
• Anecdotal notes, checklists, observation,
conference, tasks etc.
• Success Criteria (what is the task? What are the
expectations?) and Rubrics (outlines the levels
of performance, lines up with the success
What will come home?
• You will see work come home occasionally.
• A few writing pieces a month.
• Our math is very hands on and focuses on group
work and problem solving. We will use our math
journal to record our work most of the time.
• Golden Math Ticket (This will let you know if your
child needs extra practice in a certain area.)
Raz Kids
• We will be beginning Raz kids soon. More
info to come 
• It is an online home reading program that
allows the children to choose books at
their reading level
• Please read every night with your child.
• Your child will bring home activities to
complete at home occasionally. These
activities will be a way to reinforce what
we are working on in class.
• I will leave suggestions on the Portal and
in our class newsletter.
Learning Skills
• These are the most important are of the
report card.
• The 6 learning skills are: Initiative, SelfRegulation, Responsibility, Organization,
Independent Work & Collaboration.
• Please see the Class Portal for a link that
further explains these skills.