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Have a
Healthy Heart
Valentines Day Blood Pressure Clinic
Information and Invitation
Healthy Heart
The best way to
show a loved one
you care this
Valentine’s Day is to
promote heart health
and reduce risk
factors for heart
What is Hypertension?
Your heart pumps blood. Blood pressure is the force of blood against your
blood vessels necessary to make the blood flow, taking oxygen and fuel to your
High blood pressure, also called hypertension, means there is too much
pressure in your blood vessels. This can damage your blood vessels and
cause health problems. Anyone can develop high blood pressure, but it
becomes more common as you get older.
High blood pressure can sometimes cause headaches, vision problems,
dizziness, or shortness of breath, but most people with high blood pressure
have no symptoms
High blood pressure
is similar
to pumping too
much air into a tire
or balloon.
Blood Pressure check
You can have your blood
pressure checked using
a simple device that
wraps around your arm
and is attached to a
Know Your Number
Low Risk
- 120/80 mmHg
Moderate Risk
121-139/80-89 mmHg
High Risk
+140/90 mmHg
What are the risks of having High
Blood Pressure?
If your blood pressure is not well controlled, you have an increased risk of the following:
Heart attack
Heart failure
Kidney disease
Eye problems
Erectile dysfunction
What are the causes of High Blood Pressure?
Causes You
Can Control
Unhealthy Diet
Excessive alcohol
Causes You
Can’t Control
Family History
Other Health Conditions that affect your blood pressure
Your Physician will help you manage these
conditions to help control hypertension
Sleep Apnea
Body Weight
Keep body weight
within ideal range for
height and build.
BMI: body mass
index calculated
using weight in kg
divided by height in
Salt Intake
Salt containing foods
such as chips,
snacks, pizza, cured
meats and cheese
should be limited
Eliminate table and
cooking salt to help
control blood
Having fruit &
vegetables in the
menu gives you
potassium and
magnesium needed
to promote heart
health and ideal
body weight
Physical Activity
Daily walking is a
great way to exercise
and requires no
special equipment or
A companion will
encourage you to get
out and be active. In
bad weather go to
Track your steps
A pedometer can
track your steps.
You can write onto a
calendar how many
days you walk, for
how many minutes
you spend walking,
and how many steps
you take.
Medical Treatment for Blood Pressure
Your doctor will decide which medication you need to control your blood
You will need to book an individual appointment for assessment and
It is very important to remember to take your blood pressure medication
every day.
Organize medications in a daily pill box or ask your pharmacist about
“blister packs”.
Ideas for promoting heart health
1. Valentines Day physical activity
Take a walk –Walking for as little as 30 minutes a day provides heart-health
Give your pet a Valentine and remember to walk or exercise them daily
Quality time is one of the most meaningful gifts. Bundle up and plan an active
outing such as sledding, ice skating, gathering wood for a fire, or if you’re
feeling adventurous, visit an indoor rock wall.
Get active inside –but there are plenty of ways to get moving indoors that don’t
involve a gym membership; mall walking, hit the stairs at work, or check out a
yoga video from the public library or the internet.
2. Valentines Day Food Choices
Cooking at home is an excellent way to control the quality and amounts of what you eat.
Prepare a romantic candlelit dinner at home using a heart-healthy recipes.
At the grocery store select products with the heart-check mark, which limits the amount of
total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol and sodium in a food.
Sharing is caring – if you do go out for a romantic dinner date, order one entrée between two
people, splitting a meal will keep you from over eating.
Be smart with menu choices avoid cream sauces, choose a grilled fish with veggies and
ask for dressing on the side for salads.
Take a date to a local cooking class to practice your skills or learn a new technique.
3. Valentines Day Relaxation
Stay physically active & eat a healthy diet
Do things you enjoy .
Learn relaxation techniques.
Become content with your situation
Count all your blessings, family & friends
Don’t dwell on things you cannot change
Visualise success and happiness
Create to do list for challenges & solutions
For more information on anxiety and stress ask your health care provider
about central brampton family health team counselling and social worker services
Or go to for detailed resources and services
4. Valentines Day Stop Smoking
One of the best things you can do
for your heart is to give up
smoking or help a loved one quit.
Smoking is the most preventable
cause of premature death.
5. Valentines Day Blood Pressure Check
Blood Pressure Clinic
Healthy Heart
Book Follow-up with
doctor as needed.
Entry into a Prize Draw
for Home BP Monitor!
Rostered Patients
For more information
and to book your
visit please call
Family Health Team BP Check
Friday 14th February
2014 rostered
patients are invited
to have Blood
Pressure checked
using the BP TRU
machine for an
accurate result.
Putting Lifestyle Goals into Action
Example of Lifestyle action plan
I shall walk around the Indoor Track at my Community Centre for 45 minutes , for
five mornings a week from 14th February to the 14th March 2014
Chosen action within healthy fitness range
Checked with doctor using PAR-Q form [ next slide]
Flat safe temperate indoor facility near to home
Suitable time set for duration of activity
Morning diary free between 9:00-11:00am
Time to have breakfast and lunch pre and post activity
Week days only when schedule is more certain
Set dates for fixed period of time, can re-evaluate after one
Am I
physically fit
enough to
Your doctor will use
this form to clear you
to start exercising if
you are currently inactive.
RECAP: What can you do to keep
your heart healthy?
Know Your Number - have your blood
pressure checked.
Make healthy food choices
Avoid salt & salty foods
Increase intake of fruits & vegetables
Keep your weight within ideal range
Enjoy regular physical activity
Reduce your stress levels
Stop smoking
Take your medication as prescribed
Have regular visits with your doctor
Set yourself a lifestyle action plan