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Cabragh Wetlands
Tom Grace
Bridge House Hotel
21st September 2015
• Sugar Factory in Thurles 1930’s to 1990’s
• Settling Ponds aka. Sugar Factory Lagoons
• Protest against filling in of lagoons after
factory closure
• Protest group offered 14 acres of summer
grazing and part fenland for biodiversity
• Protest group formalised into Cabragh
Wetlands Trust due to land donation in 1992
• Land overgrazed, but time rejuvenated it
• Shannon Development Report by RPS Kerins
• Trust funded Ornithological & Development
Report by Gordon Darcy
• Engaged with Tipperary LEADER Group in 1994,
for walkway creation, tree planting, bird hides,
ponds & 1600 sqft multi-purpose building.
• LEADER ensured plan in place and project
• Late 1990’s: building completed
• LEADER lacking in providing direct support in
further on-going project development mentoring
once investment completed
• 100% dependent on voluntary input for
education and tourist visit, therefore unable to
remain open for full 6-day week
• Teachers came with pupils and used venue as
environmental classroom
• Trust recognised need for a full time presence onsite
• Opened at weekends staffed by volunteers
• Schools booked during week where the school
teachers taught their class
• In 2005, full-time volunteer commenced,
ensuring weeklong opening and staffing
• In 2008, additional full-time volunteer
• Both volunteers are passionate
• Volunteer hours highlighted potential for an
environmental education centre
• CEB supported business development plan by
Lorraine Granger Consultancy
• Trust approached NTLP in 2010 for funding to
develop a modern environmental education
centre and community space
• Inter-territorial project between NTLP & STDC
• Received a 75% grant of €389,573.70
• Total Project Cost €519,431.70
• LEADER staff very helpful in negotiating the
paperworkload of the RDP
• LEADER Programme is great until one has to
find 25% of cost, but it is better than having to
find 50% of cost as in 1990’s which was a
burden for years
• Re-development commenced in May 2014 &
building completed in October 2014
Cabragh Wetlands Centre
Cabragh Wetlands
Rare Species
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Cabragh Wetlands “Hotel”
Cabragh Wetlands Residents
Cashflow Projections
Future Requirements
• Need for on-going professional environmental
education and tourism marketing & mentoring
for the trust to develop commercially in a fast
changing world.
• Full-time professional manager required to
maximise potential revenue generation and
develop additional revenue streams.
Cabragh Wetlands Trust
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