San Francisco`s Wetland

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Transcript San Francisco`s Wetland

San Francisco’s Wetland
By. Danny Rodriguez
Cesar Salazar
What is a Wetland
• Wetlands provide important homes for plants and
animals, including over 50 percent of threatened or
endangered species.
Improving water quality by filtering out trash and toxics
Capturing and storing greenhouse gasses from earth’s
Serving as buffers against storms, flooding, and erosion
Wetlands are the transition area between open water and
dry land, constantly appearing and disappearing with the
ebb and flow of tides.
What Do Wetlands Have
• The San Francisco Bay Has Many
Spieces like:
• Mammals like elephant seals
• Birds like California Gull
• Reptiles like lizards
• Amphibians like frogs
• Fish like Salmon
• Insects like Beetles
• Other species Aswell
What Do Wetlands Have
• Wetlands also have many types
of plants like:
• California Poppy
• Yellow Pansy
Benefits Of Having
• Wetlands are important to the ecosystem
because of the birds, animals, and plants
that thrive there.
• The abundant vegetation provides a
habitat and food for wildlife and breeding
grounds for a large number of birds.
• Wetlands protect the dry land from erosion
and rivers and lakes from drought. They
store water, slow the rising waters of a
flood and prevent rapid runoff that would
otherwise cause erosion.
Why We Should Save
• Wetlands are an important part of our
national heritage.
• Our economic well-being and quality of life
largely depend on our nation's wealth of
natural resources, and wetlands are the
vital link between our land and water
• As wetlands are lost, the remaining
wetlands become even more valuable. We
have already lost many of our nation's
wetlands since America was first settled.