If you are absent for the quiz…

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Transcript If you are absent for the quiz…

If you are absent for the quiz
(two days before the test)…
 Your
grade on the quiz will be
excused (0/0 points)
 You still have to do quiz
corrections - you can use either
version A or version B of the
quiz and do as many as you can
complete in the period
If you are absent for quiz corrections
(one day before the test)…
Write “ABSENT” on the cover sheet where
the quiz corrections grade should go
As long as the absence is excused, you
will get full credit on the assignment
This is the one assignment you can not make
up on your own
The other assignment usually assigned
that day, 10 movie notes or vocabulary, is
still due with the packet
If you are absent for any other
assignment in the packet…
The work is still due on the day of
the packet
 It is your responsibility to check the
calendar or web site and find out
what assignments you do not have
BEFORE they are due
Assignments on the Web
If you miss any notes or
assignments, they are all available
on the internet at:
You should also exchange
information with someone in any of
my AP Psychology classes to explain
assignments when you are absent