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3.4 Education
Discuss the impact of ICT in schools to including
the use of filters to control access to web
content and an intranet to facilitate learning
both inside and outside the classroom.
Identify the advantages in using the following
tools in education: VLEs (including computer
based automated assessment), interactive
whiteboards, CAL software, teleconferencing.
Impact of ICT in schools
New opportunities for distance learning
Video conferencing with other schools and industry
Filtering removes inappropriate content
Intranet facilities means work can be accessed from home
E-portfolios means a reduction in paper and automatic
• The exchanging of ideas through bulletin board
Educational tools
A Virtual lab environment
Can assist with course
Can track student work
Can use e-portfolios which can be assessed by both teacher
and pupil
Interactive whiteboard
Can be connected to computer system
Pupils can enter information onto it
Large screen
CAL software
Pupils can learn at their own pace
Can revisit topics
Can record pupil performance
Can share ideas with other schools
Can receive training from experts not on site
Controlling web access (1)
Controlling web access (2)
Controlling web access (3)
Controlling web access (4)
Controlling web access (5)
VLE: Virtual learning Environment
CAL: Computer Assisted Learning
“The school of the future may not require
a teacher in the classroom.”
Discuss this statement.