Bellringer Nov. 15/18

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Transcript Bellringer Nov. 15/18

• Hello! In my absence, you will be continuing with the
lesson for “The Possibility of Evil.”
• To start, the substitute will return to you and your partner
from last class the ticket out. Review what you had to say
about Miss Strangeworth.
• Then, write down on the ticket out, one question that you
would ask the author about this character. Submit this
paper back to the substitute.
• For kids who weren’t here last class, write down a
question on a blank scrap paper.
Bellringer Nov. 15/18
• You must continue reading using PALS step three.
• Continue to write down your 10 words or less summaries.
• When you are finished reading the entire story, raise your
hand and the substitute will give you the next step. This
next step will be completed individually –
Continue reading…
• Complete the character traits web for Mrs. Strangeworth.
• Use specific words and details from the story to complete
the web. These specific words will help you understand
how Jackson uses her words to help create her theme.
• Use your 10 word summaries to help you pinpoint where
in the text you should go to find those specific words and
• Decide on Shirley Jackson’ theme regarding the
difference between perception and reality.
• Use your theme notes to help you. These notes should be
in your notebook.
• Write the theme for the story on the bottom of the
character traits web.
• How did Shirley Jackson use repetition of words and
phrases or unusual word choice to help show Miss
Strangeworth’s characterization?
• Write your answer on the lines next to this slide. Use
examples from the story.
Now, write the LEQ response
using the CSET components.
• How does Shirley Jackson use characterization and word
choice to illustrate the difference between perception and
reality in “The Possibility of Evil”?
1. Be sure to use our focus area terms: characterization, word
choice, perception and reality.
2. Be sure to tie each example in to your claim.
3. You will have more than one example to address this
4. Use your notes and the character trait web!!!