Notes from the Peanut Gallery

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Transcript Notes from the Peanut Gallery

Notes from the Peanut Gallery
Mrs. Smith’s Second Grade Class
March 23, 2015
Substitute Tuesday
Curriculum Highlights
` agree – to say something is true or
Language Arts – Proper
Nouns; Possessive Pronouns
that they will do something
Second Grade teachers will
be having an in-service training Math – Multiplication
challenging – difficult and takes
tomorrow, March 24th. There
effort to do
Social Studies – Machines &
will be a substitute in my class. Technology
discover – find something or find
out about it
Reading – Summarize;
heroes – people who have done
brave things
interest – something you like and
Co-Curricular Schedule
Spelling Words
want to learn more about
perform – act in a play or movie
M = Music
Th = PLC
variant vowels:
study – read, practice, or think
T = Art in Rm
F = Compass
room, flu, June, new, glue,
about it so that you can learn it
fruit, crook, could, full,
W = PE
push, point, coin, along, ever, succeed – do something the way you
strong, air, always, draw,
wanted to
during, nothing