Transcript Section 2

Section 2
Characteristics of stars
Antonia James, Hannah Rohrborn,
Jada Staples
Characteristics used to classify stars include color,
temperature ,size, composition, and brightness
• A stars absolute brightness
is if it was the standard
distance from the earth.
temperature is based on the
color of the star
• Blue or blue white is the
hottest and red is the coolest
The brightness of a star depends upon both its
size and atmosphere.
It depends on the size of the
star and the stars
temperature .
Astronomers use a unit called the light-year to measure
between the stars.
• The distance of a light
year is 9.5 million million
kilometers remember that
a light year is a unit of
distance not time
Astronomers often use parallax to measure distance to a
nearby stars.
The apparent movement
when seen from a
different position of a star
The End