Transcript The Sun

The Sun
By Mrs. Steele’s Class
Jones Valley Elementary
Huntsville, Al.
What is the sun?
 The sun and all stars are large balls of hot
gasses. The gasses are mostly hydrogen
and helium.
 The temperature on the sun’s surface is
about 11,000 degrees F.
 The sun has been around for about 4.5
billion years and will burn for another 5
billion years.
The Sun
 The sun is an average or medium size star. There
are stars that smaller and larger than our sun. The
sun is just the right size and distance from Earth
so that there can be life on our planet.
 There are stars that are much larger than our sun.
A star in the Orion constellation called Betelgeuse
is 400 times larger than our sun. If our sun was
this size it would engulf Mercury, Venus, Earth and
 The Earth in 93 million miles away from the Sun.
 Light travels so fast that it only takes eight minutes for
sun light to hit the Earth.
Don’t be tricked!
 The sun does not move. The Earth is
moving around the sun. It takes 365 and ¼
day for the Earth to make one full rotation
around the sun.
 It looks like the sun is going east to west
across the sky because the earth is turning.
 It takes the Earth 24 hours to make one
turn. This causes day and night.
What the sun does for the Earth!
 The sun keeps the Earth from being a
frozen planet.
 The sun warms land quicker than water
these different temperatures causes wind
and weather.
 The sun feeds the plants. Without sunlight
all plants would die.
The Sun gives Earth life!
 The End