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By Nakwan Walker
It’s the brightest star in the constellation Leo
The star’s name regulus comes from the
Latin word Rex which means King
It is associated with many cultures like the
Greeks , Arabs, and Ancient Babylon
It also is know as one of the four Royal Stars
of the Heavens
 These four stars are thought to
be sentinels watching over other
stars and make a fixed cross to
 It spins rapidly on its axis
the 21 brightest star that
can be seen from earth
 Its hotter and bigger than our
Its around the age of 1
billion years old!!!!
Its about 15,400⁰ K
Its about 15,713⁰ C
It is well placed in the evening sky during
about January to June
Its about 77 light-years away.
Its puts out nearly 350 times the energy the
sun does