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Many genes have unknown
of the 25,498 predicted
Arabidopsis genes:
• 30% have unknown
• only 9% are
The Arabidopsis Genome Initiative, Nature 2000
• Parallel Genome Annotation System
• Developed by Francis Ouellette at the
UBC Bioinformatics Centre
• Goal: Take Genome annotation to the
next level
• Uses a few automated tools and expert
biologists to generate highly annotated
genome entries
Trend 1. Proliferation of
Biological Databases
from dozens to
hundreds of databases
“Over the last few decades, significant
advances in computational biology have made
it possible to analyze a genome in a fully
automated approach. Although this approach
is efficient, completely automated analyses
can be conservative in that they are careful not
to over extend our enthusiastic gene model
prediction tools. This approach currently
represents our best way to update and present
this information in a timely fashion.”
-PeGASys Web Page