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Transcript DO NOW 8 TRAITS

What government policy
should be established to
regulate cloning? Share your
answer with a partner in
your group.
S7L3.c Recognize that selective breading can
produce plants or animals with desired traits.
S7L3.a Explain the role of genes and
chromosomes in the process of inheriting a specific
“DO NOW” # 8 pg. 120 in Textbook
• II. Traits and Inheritance
A. Genes
1. Define genes. ____________________
2. The different forms of a gene are called
3. Turn to a partner and explain the difference
between a gene and an allele.
4. Make a Venn Diagram explain the difference
between phenotype and genotype. Include examples of
5. Do the QUICK LAB on page 121.
6. Define probability. _______________
On Level – Do Quick Lab on pg. 122. Get a coin from Lab
Station 1.
AC/G – Do the Math Focus on page 123.
7. What is incomplete dominance?