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Investigating Inheritance
You will use a simulation to investigate
how a set of features in the fruit fly
(Drosophila melanogaster) are
You will use information to produce a
hypothesis for each feature, predict
the outcome and then carry out
breeding experiments to test your
Finally, you will use a statistical test to
evaluate your conclusion.
Step One
Select the feature or set of
features that you will
Step Two
Use the information
section to find out about
the feature and produce a
hypothesis suggesting the
type of inheritance that
controls the feature.
Step Three
Predict the outcome you
would expect if you are
correct using a genetic
diagram to explain it.
You should predict the
outcome of an F1 and an
F2 generation.
Step Four
Select your first set of
parents so that you can
produce a set of offspring
to test your hypothesis.
Choose the parental
phenotype and genotype
that will best demonstrate
if your hypothesis is
Step Five
View the parents to check
that they have the
features you wanted and
check their genotype.
Step Six
Produce the first
generation of offspring.
Score the number of each
phenotype and compare
them against your
Make sure that you have a
large enough sample size
to be able to make a
reliable conclusion.
Step Seven
If necessary, use the
chi-squared statistical test
to compare the outcome
with your expected result.
Step Eight
Confirm your hypothesis
by carrying out an F2
generation using offspring
from the first generation
as new parents.
Step Nine
Use the view screen to
confirm that the new
parents have the genotype
you would expect from
your prediction.
Step Ten
Carry out the second
Score the offspring,
making sure that your
sample size is large
Step Eleven
Use the Chi-squared test to
compare the outcome of
the second generation with
your predicted outcome.
Step Twelve
Make your final conclusion.