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Scientific Methods
Scientific Methods
 The Italian Physicist Galileo Galilei and the
English philosopher Francis Bacon are
usually credited as the principal founders of
the Scientific Method.
 A Method that is extremely effective in
gaining, organizing, and applying new
Scientific Methods
Recognize a problem.
Make an educated guess – a Hypothesis – about the
Predict the consequences of the hypothesis.
Design and perform experiments to test predictions.
Formulate the simplest general rule that organizes the
three main ingredients: hypothesis, prediction, and
experimental outcome.
* Important
Although this cookbook method has a certain
appeal, it is not the universal key to the
discoveries and advances in science. Trial
and error, experimentation with guessing,
data mining, and even accidents account for
much of the advances in science.
Scientific Discovery
The success of science has more to do with an
attitude common to scientists than with a
particular method. This attitude is one of
inquiry, experimentation, and humility
before the facts.