Where do elements come from?

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Transcript Where do elements come from?

Where do elements
come from?
Remember the Big Bang?
The theory states that the
Universe today retains an
imprint of its initial cosmic
mixture of elements.
The Universe consists
mostly of …
Hydrogen H
and Helium He
The First Elements in the Early
Hydrogen and Helium
were the first elements
We viewed many other
elements’ wavelengths
using spectroscopy.
Where do the other 90
naturally occurring
elements originate (come)
Fusion in stars
and Supernovae
Elements in the stars
as viewed from Earth
Elements are made in stars
• Stars are hot ionized
balls of gas (plasma)
full of energy and are
held together by
• Everything is made
from the elements
created in massive
stars. Stars are huge
factories producing
the elements found in
the Universe.
What is Nuclear Fusion?
Combining of atomic nuclei
• The star creates heat and light by nuclear fusion.
Light Hydrogen atoms fuse into Helium atoms.
http://www.atomicarchive.com/Movies/Movie5.shtml Click to View Video
http://www.astro.ubc.ca/~scharein/a311/Sim.html Fusion Simulation
Lighter Elements: Atomic # ≤ 26
• Lighter elements fuse
to create heavier
elements like carbon
and oxygen
• During the life span
of a star, fusion can
take place up to the
formation of Iron (Fe)
Heavier Elements: Atomic # > 26
• Supernovas, with
their extreme heat
and pressure,
create all the
elements heavier
than Iron (Fe)
• atomic number 26
• atomic mass 56
• After a supernova, a solar nebula is
formed which contains heavier
• This nebula forms new stars with a
higher concentration of heavier
• Our Sun has 67 different elements
and is thus a later generation or
“recycled” star
Where do elements come from?
Where do elements come from?
•Big Bang
•Fusion in Stars
•Supernovas Recycled Matter