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Basic Formation
• Huge clouds of dust and gas exist
in space.
• Shockwaves from supernovas
make the dust and gas condense
• The temperature rises in the
cloud and causes a fusion.
Red Giants
• Once a star has used up the
hydrogen in its core for fusion, the
fusion takes place outside of the core.
• The core then heats up and expands,
making the star larger and more
White Dwarfs
• Once a red giant has used up all of its
hydrogen, it creates a planetary
• Once the nebula stops, only the core
of the red giant remains.
• Stars will usually end their lives in this
Neutron Stars
• If a star is seven times the size of the sun,
it will become a red giant fairly quickly.
• When its fusion stops, a central iron core
• The temperature heats up dramatically
and causes a supernova.
• A neutron star is the mass that remains.
Black Holes
• Neutron stars will eventually collapse
because of gravity.
• They are then squeezed into a very small
area and become very dense with a huge
gravitational pull.
• This pull sucks in everything around it.