the Renaissance

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“Rebirth” of Art &
• Golden Age in
arts,literature & science
•Began in Italy & spread
•Promoted new way of
thinking called Humanism
•Focused on worldly (Secular)
subjects rather than religious
•More Realistic-concerned
with life in the present
(spirit of inquiry)
•Emphasized achievements
of the individual
•Revival of classical thought
Ex.Greek & Romans
•Overseas trade led to growth of
wealthy independent city-states
of Milan & Florence
•Surrounded by the
“Glory of Rome”
•Popes &Wealthy Families
such as the Medici became
Patrons of the Arts
Willing to spend money
Ideas spread north with the invention
of the Printing Press (Johan
•Population began to recover
from the Plague
•Monarchs & wealthy
merchants supported the Arts
Differed from Italian renaissance.
More interested in religious themes
•Johann Gutenberg
1145-The Bible was
first printed book
•Vernacular-Writers wrote in
everyday language of the common
Canterbury Tales
Macbeth, Hamlet,
Julius Caesar
The Prince
The Divine Comedy
Don Quixote