Renaissance Art & Architecture

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Transcript Renaissance Art & Architecture

Renaissance Art & Architecture
Humanism– Interest in Greek and
Roman Classics
Secularism– Interest in the Material
World more than the Afterlife
Individualism– Portraits, Signed
Artwork, and new Inventions like
oil paints and perspective
Early Renaissance Architecture Copied
Greek Columns and Roman Domes
such as Florence Cathedral by Brunelleschi
Oil Paints were Invented by the
Flemish Painters of Flanders
• The Arnolfini Wedding
• By Jan Van Eyck
Descent from
the Cross by
Van der Weyden
Both Show Individualism in Novel Ways
• Can you tell which 4 men in the background paid
for this painting?
Look Closely at the Mirror in the Arnolfini Wedding
The Concept of
• Was invented by Giotto and
perfected by his student
• It makes 2-dimensional art
look 3-D
• Things get smaller the
farther into the background
they are
• All straight lines point to the
“vanishing point”
Raphael’s School of Athens
shows perspective and Humanism
Mona Lisa
by Leonardo
da Vinci
• Portrait of a business
man’s wife-- secularism
• Notice the background
and perspective
• The realism of her face
has always made
people wonder what
she was thinking
Another Famous Portrait is in the
National Gallery in Washington DC
• Ginevra de Benci
Leonardo was also Famous for Religious
Works of Art like the Last Supper
He also Made Many Anatomical
Drawings and Inventions
–A baby in the
Greeks and Romans did Freestanding Sculptures
• This is a Roman
statue of Emperor
Marcus Aurelius
• It was meant to be
looked at from all
Donatello copied Roman Styles
• Equestrian
Statue of
• Statue of
• Statue of
Many Artists of Florence made
Statues of David
• Donatello
and later on
Raphael is Most Famous for his
Madonna Paintings
Da Vinci Painted Madonnas Too
Michelangelo Was Known as a
Painter and Sculptor
The Sistine Chapel
and Moses
He was also an Architect
St Peter’s Cathedral
Sofonisba Anguissola
Women artists often painted other
women or children
• Lavinia Fontana painted in late Renaissance Italy
The Venetian School of Renaissance
Art centered in Venice after the fall of
Florence to the French
Late Renaissance Art is called
Mannerist Style– weird colors and
elongated bodies are typical
El Greco
El Greco was Court Painter for the
King of Spain
El Escorial
Philip II’s palace was centered around
a monastery
Hans Holbein was Court Painter to
Henry VIII of England
• Henry and his 3rd Wife, Jane Seymour
He also Painted Sir Thomas More
and Erasmus
The Ambassadors
Jean Clouet Painted Francois I of
Francois I was Famous for Building
Chateaux such as Chambord
Da Vinci Designed a Double-helix
Stairway inside Chambord
In Germany Religion Stayed Much
More Central
Grunewald’s Issenheim Altarpiece
Woodcuts were used to Illustrate
Books for the new Printing Press
• Albrecht Durer was an incredible painter
and Illustrator
Durer’s Self Portraits
Bruegel painted scenes of
everyday life in the Low Countries
Hunters in the Snow shows
evidence of the mini-ice-age that
occurred in the 16th C.
Bruegel’s works are often used on the AP
Exam-- The Peasant Wedding
Bosch’s Views of The Garden of
Earthly Delights and Hell