Ecology and Solutions Activity Sheet

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Transcript Ecology and Solutions Activity Sheet

Aim: How do we solve ecology problems?
Return Weather & Climate Textbooks NOW !!!
OBJ: Given activity sheet SWBAT solve a variety of different
ecology problems with 70% accuracy.
DN: QUIET in the classroom
ACT: Complete Ecology Activity Sheet
Complete Solutions Activity Sheet
iPad, eSpark assignment (~20 minutes)
HW: Complete Ecology and Solutions Activity Sheets;
Energy Exam, Jan 6; Environment Quiz and Midterm Prep
Quiz #1 week of Jan 6.
Acid Rain
Cause: burning fossil fuels (coal), factories
Effect: Because weather moves NE, acidic lakes
(fish die), land plants decline (leaf damage in
forests) in NYS; dissolves, damage, destroy
limestone/marble buildings, tombstones.
Global Warming
Cause: increase in greenhouse gases (CO2 due to
burning fossil fuels)
Effect: polar icecaps melt, sea level rise, coastline
flooding, property damage, habitat destruction,
climate change, increase in storm ferocity
(hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes)
Industrial Revolution: burn coal to produce electricity
Alternative (electrical) Energy
Hydroelectric Dams:
Beneficial: no air pollution
Harmful: disrupts aquatic (river) ecosystem
Wind Turbine:
Advantage: no air pollution
Disadvantage: intermittent energy
Solar (Cell Array) Power:
Advantage: no air pollution, reduce energy cost
Disadvantage: intermittent energy (cloudy days,
winter months)
Solar/Battery Power Car
Advantage: no air pollution
Disadvantage: intermittent use due to
recharge time
Recycling metal, glass, plastic
Advantage: reduce pollution & landfill
garbage, conserve energy & our natural
Disadvantage: consumer has to sort
Paper Plant:
Harmful: air & water pollution, accumulation
of waste, deforestation, habitat destruction,
disrupt ecosystems
Prevent damage: recycle paper (pulp), filter
the air, replant trees creating new growth
forests, treat wastes