Ecological problems of our village

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«Беловская СОШ»
Балдина Любовь Сергеевна
Nowadays the problems of
environmental pollution are very
actual. People are more
concerned about the
environment today, we use to
discuss the most serious
problems as pollution, which has
many forms, the most actual
problems for Belgorod region are
air pollution, water pollution,
noise pollution, global warming
and others. In the majority of
cases it’s the result of man’s
activity. It has happened because
people preoccupied the natural
resources. Moreover,
Belgorodians use natural
treasures irrationally, which is
the most serious point to discuss.
On the territory of our
region we can see acid
rains, hurricanes, town
pours and the climate
changes. There are a lot of
industrial enterprises in
region. The development of
industrial enterprises
promotes not only the
town’s growth and
improving the town’s
dwellers living standard, but
also makes worse the
ecological situation. The
amount of harmful
discharges from the building
plants, chemical industry
and road transport is
increasing day from day.
Traffic ticket
Wool socks
Tin cans
Aluminum cans
Glass bottles
2 - 4 weeks
3 - 14 months
1 year
100 years
200 – 500
Take care of animals
The pollution of water
is very actual. Many
years ago people could
catch lots of fish. But
now they throw tins
and paper into it.
The forests are in
They become smaller
and smaller. The trees
are cutting down, big
areas of forests are
If we do our best to the
green, we can change
some of the statistics
and can help Mother
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