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Case Report
Shao-Ching Chao , Chiung-Chyi Shen,
Department of Neurosurgery
Taichung Veterans General Hospital
Mr. Chen 64 years-old male 95/03/31
Chief Complaint :
Progressive frontal headache and memory impairment for
two weeks
Present Illness :
This patient was relative well-being before and
denied other systemic disease. This time, he
suffered from progressive frontal headache and
memory impairment for two weeks. He came to
Chan-Chin hospital where CT of brain revealed
irregular ring-enhanced lesion over right frontaltemporal area with mass effect. Surgical
intervention was suggested. Then he came to our
NS OPD for help. Under the impression of brain
tumor, right F-T ,he was admitted to our ward for
further care.
Neurological Examination
Consciousness: alert
JOMAC: impairment
Cranial: OK
Motor and sensory: OK
Past history:
Denied systemic disease
Denied history of operation
Denied drug allergy
950406 Right frontal-temporal craniotomy
with removal of tumor under navigatorguided
Tumor mass in front of the right sylvian
fissure and 1.5 cm from the mid-line, about
8x10 cm was removed en bloc.
The tumor content was gray, softer than the
brain tissue, and high vascularity