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Transcript Using Nanotechnology to Change Cancer Care - FLC Mid

Using Nanotechnology to Change Cancer Care
Maryland Technology Day
28 February 2013
The Promise of Cancer Nanomedicines
Deliver potent an6-‐cancer agents directly to the site of disease
 Reduced
or no toxicity
 Improved efficacy
Treat cancer as a medical disease first
 Dose
intravenously prior to surgery
 Limited biodistribu6on due to leaky tumor blood vessels
 Reduce tumor burden by tumor-‐targeted nanomedicines
 Reduce or eliminate sophis6cated surgical procedures
 Improve pa6ent outcome
Treat cancer as a chronic medical disease
 Treat
periodically to destroy nascent tumor neovasculature
 Suppress metasta6c disease
Design of Aurimune (CYT-‐6091):
Water absorbed by
PEG-THIOL shields
nanoparticle from
immune detection
Safe, Targeted Delivery: Size MaGers
Too Large for Toxic Side Effects.
Aurimune i
small enough to safely travel through healthy
blood vessels, but too large to pass through bloo
vessel walls into healthy 6ssues and organs,
resul6ng in reduced toxicity.
Enough to Exit Tumor Vessels.
All so
tumors are fueled by new, “leaky” blood vessels
have gaps in their walls.
When Aurimune reache
these “leaky” vessels, the nanopar6cles are small
enough to pass through these walls into their targ
the tumor.
Due to its engineered nanometer size and targeted capabiliJes,
Aurimune is able to reduce toxicity and increase efficacy.
Clinical Grade Aurimune
Current produc6on capacity scaled 10-‐fold from Phase I to Phase II
 Process
is robust, reproducible and cost effec6ve
 Solved manufacturing challenge for a nanomedicine
 3-‐year shelf life as a freeze dried product
Aurimune Phase I Trial:
Safe, systemic delivery.
dose limi6ng toxicity
Clinical ObservaJons
Delivered 1.2 mg of TNF with n
No Hypotension, the dose-‐limi6ng toxicity associated with TNF
use in man
No Serious Adverse Events that were unexpected and related
Tumor targeted.
Drug accumula6on at tumor sites
Gold par6cles seen in tumors but few if any in healthy 6s
Electron Micrographs* of a PaJent’s Biopsies
Pa6ent diagnosed with inoperable breast cancer
Pa6ent had no prior treatment; samples taken 24h aYer treatment
Drug accumulated in tumor, not in healthy breast 6ssue
Healthy Breast
*Magnification = 20,000x
Montefiore’s Commitment to Nanomedicine
The Pipeline: Leveraging PlaWorm’s Flexibility
PlaWorm allows for mulJple cancer treatments for mulJple cancer indicaJons
Blueprint of Gold-‐Based, Drug-‐Rescue Nanomedicine
A targeted VDA
AstraZeneca Proprietary
CytImmune Summary
Aurimune will transform current “medieval” approaches to cancer treatment
Aurimune plus chemotherapies aims to significantly improve responses rates
Aurimune is not another “me too” drug; it’s a quantum leap forward in
Aurimune is the first-‐in-‐a-‐family of nanomedicines
CytImmune will create a pipeline of cancer nanomedicines
CytImmune’s technology will change the way we treat cancer