PPL 1OM Continuum of Drug Use

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Transcript PPL 1OM Continuum of Drug Use

Substance Use
• They will examine why people use drugs
and identify school and community support
Overall Expectations
• Demonstrate personal strategies to deal
effectively with the social influences that
contribute to the use and abuse of alcohol,
tobacco, and other drugs (e.g. cannabis)
Specific Expectations
• identify the school and community
resources involved in the education,
prevention and treatment of the use and
abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
True or False
• Drug users learn to use drugs from their
families or friends.
• Drugs increase the frequency of chemical
• Teenagers tend to use drugs more heavily
and frequently.
• Purchasing a joint locally is aiding terrorists
around the world.
Causes for Drug Use
• Experimenting at social events.
• Flight or fight response to different stresses.
– Fight – stand up to the stress
– Flight – avoid the stress
• Triggers of stress: family, school, work, etc.
• Adolescent brain is more sensitive to drugs.
Causes for Drug Abuse
Low self-esteem
Flight response to everyday stress.
‘Normalize’ drug use to justify means.
Affiliation with other drug users.
– Desire to feel wanted
• Difficult cycle to break
– Physical, psychological and sociological
Continuum of Drug Use
• Experimenter
• Curious to try a drug
• Person may or may not use again.
• Occasional User
• Consumption increases and mental health changes.
• Regular
• Pre-occupied with drugs (anytime); normalize
• Dependent
• Seeking high all the time; flight response; mentally unstable
• As a class list the reasons why teenagers are
at risk of becoming chemically dependent.
Drug Network
• Locally a student makes a purchase of a joint from
another student (dealer). Seems harmless?
Pyramid marketing 101.
• $ transfer from one student to dealer
• Dealer spent $ to purchase from a regional dealer.
• Regional dealer spends $ to purchase from organized crime. Ie.
Hells Angels
• Hells Angels purchases bigger ticket drug heroin from drug
warlords in Afganistan.
• Drug Warlord spends $ to buy military munitions.
• STOP supporting the slaughter of innocent people.
Community Support Resources
Muskoka Drug Addiction Counselling
Huntsville Hospital
Family Physician
Counsellors – Gelderbloom, Zielonko
HHS Public Health Nurse
Summative Assignment
• Students will prepare a report for an
audience of a grade 7 class.
– Identify facts/myths related to the use and
abuse of drugs.
– Explain the effects of use and abuse of drugs.
– Identify resources and treatment for drug users.
• An evaluation rubric will be handed out.