Piedmont Community Services

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Transcript Piedmont Community Services

Piedmont Community
Tyresa Johnson, Keith Garett, Deanna Stroupe, Chris
SWK 489
Public agency
Serves Franklin County, Henry County and Martinsville
First established in 1972 and is the 28th out of 40 CSB’s to be established in VA
Mandated after the government’s efforts to deinstitutionalize
No membership necessary
To help individuals, families, and communities enhance quality of life by
providing a highly effective continuum of behavioral health services
including prevention, treatment, education, and support.
Major Programs & Services
Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities
Case Management
Mental Health Support
Psycho-social rehabilitation
Support groups
Substance Abuse
PCS has two substance abuse counselors; Leslie Firebaugh (adolescents) & Rena
Fielding (adults).
Services offered:
 Substance Abuse assessments & treatment plans
 Urine Drug Screens
 Individual counseling
 Group therapy sessions
School Based Services
Case management
Elementary and Middle school level
Visits at the Gereau Center
Play therapy
Average age 30-35
Mostly white
Middle to low class
Most have high school diploma
Various religions
Majority speak English
Board of Directors
Members are appointed by City
Council and County Board of
Supervisors that established the
Members are middle class or
higher & all walks of life
All members are over 40 and
some have children that have or
had MH, SA, or ID issues
Jim Tobin- Executive Director
Greg Preston- Director of Community
Caroline Pilson- Finance/
Ron Hairston-Human Resources
Kippy Cassell- Info Technology
Bill Cook- Director of Behavioral
8% from congress
75-80% paid by clients insurance
Less than 20% comes from grants
Amount of money depends on who’s Governor at that time (some Governors push
for mental health services while other’s don’t push as hard).
Heavily regulated by Medicaid
Subject to on-site inspections and audits
Purpose of audits and inspections: make sure the workers are doing what they’re
supposed to be doing and providing the correct services, make sure that the client’s
information is being protected, and to help reduce fraud
Each year a survey is given to the clients to give feedback and to make sure that PCS
is staying true to their mission and goals
The employees do not belong to a union
Burn out prevention
Wellness hour once a week to do whatever you want
Fun days