Prison Adult Literacy Survey

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Transcript Prison Adult Literacy Survey

Prison Adult Literacy Survey
Morgan and Kett (2003)
Levels of Literacy and the International
Adult Literacy Survey
• Levels of literacy (Morgan, Hickey and
Kellaghan, 1997)…not illiteracy
• 25% at lowest level…similar to UK.. Level 1
and Aspirin question..Level 4: Two things to do
for an interview
• Factors associated with low levels of literacy:
sporting events, community activities.
• Participation in adult education
• Results from other countries…many people at
lower levels
• Domains of literacy: prose, document,
• Requirement of scoring (Levels)…and below
Level 1
• Questionnaire on experiences at school and
age of leaving school
• Administered by prison staff…
Results: Pre-level 1 22%
Level 1: 31% Level 2: 18%
Level 3 14% Level 4/5 15%
Few gender differences
Age differences: Finding in general population:
contrast with prison population
• Age 32 and older quite similar to general
Results 2
• Violent and Property offences: Lowest levels
• Drug offences and sexual offences: higher
Levels (beware definition and exceptions)
• School leaving: before statutory age…and poor
• Poor engagement with school
• Problems especially with maths
• Educational failure and prison population
• Concept of engagement
• National literacy strategy…social and
emotional dimension as important