AIDS 2008 PowerPoint Template

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Transcript AIDS 2008 PowerPoint Template

The right to a life
free from TB
Timur Abdullaev, LL.M.
HIV/AIDS and TB consultant and activist
What is this right?
• No single universal human rights document
speaks specifically about the right to a life
free from TB: does this mean there is no
such right?
Isn’t it discrimination…
…when drug users with TB are turned out of
a TB hospital, if seen under the influence of
…or when HIV-positive prisoners with TB
have limited or no access to HIV and TB
treatment, which is available to people at
Can we speak about the right to the
highest attainable standard of health…
…when there are no pediatric formulations,
and children with TB have to take same
dosage as adults?
…when people on TB treatment face stockouts or are given expired drugs?
…when diagnostics does not allow timely
detection of extra-pulmonary, and even
pulmonary TB?
Doesn’t it amount to inhuman and
degrading treatment…
…when a drug user with TB is locked up in a
TB hospital, where there is no access to
OST, nor to detoxication, and from where
he/she is not free to go?
Isn’t it a violation of the right to life…
… when a person dies from a preventable
and curable disease?
TB remains to be the leading cause of death
for people living with HIV worldwide
In Ukraine, 75% of deaths of people with
HIV are caused by TB co-infection
In EECA there is a wide range of
problems causing these violations:
- Poor conditions in TB hospitals and prisons
- Widespread injecting drug use
- Highest rates of HIV spread in the world
- Low awareness about TB
- Understaffing of the TB system
- Stigma and discrimination
- Lack of collaboration/integration between
TB and HIV systems, etc.
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