Transcript VIEW SCADA

Power of Open System
openview sistem
openview comm
Usage diferent communication standards:
• IEC standard protocol –IEC 60870-5 series
• IEC 61850
• ASEA protocol (SINDAC 9000) – Končar
•DNP 3.0 protocol
• Specific protocols IMP Automatika
Diferent types of communication media can be used
from radio to optical.
openview data exchange server
data exchange server – connection between
any SCADA which can use ICCP TASE.2
• Exchange realtime data
• Issuing command and accepting commands
• Exchange tags
openview data exchange server 2
data exchange server – povezivanje
centara na standardni način
• prenos real time podataka
• komandovanje
• prenos tagova
openview RTDB
RTDB server heart of SCADA
RTDB server feeding with REALTIME date all of
• online generation of reports
• online trends
• WEB aplications
• DMS and other capability for offline analisys
• According to CIM model
openview event
event server collecting and processing all of
events in system
event server provide distribution all of
events to all of clients
• List of last 3 events
• List of events
• Sound alarm
• extern light signalization
• online printout
openview user data
Data of all users of SCADA system
• Users
• Consoles (terminals for access to SCADA System)
• Areas of responsibility
• Permissions for area of responsibility – permissions on processes
• User group – permissions on applications
Allow easy integration in corporative network
openview user data
Permissions on processes
Controlling large processes have diferent teams with diferent profiles.
As system become larger and more complex, that there is more and
more information which must be fastly processed and make appropriate
Special teams uses data which collected by SCADA system and make
decision based on this data.
VIEW2 SCADA SYSTEM allow diferent ways to grab data, and online or
offline applications which processed this data. One efficiency method to
handle rights to access data is to use VIEW 2 PROCESSES PERMISSION
openview user data
Using PERMISSIONS to each user we can allow or disallow usage,
monitoring and controlling any part of SCADA
Permission which is used in VIEW 2 SCADA system is divided in
permission for action, command, flashing of nonacknowledged events,
and permission for monitoring events. Combining area of responsibility
and permissions we can reach better controll and coordination of teams
which use SCADA system, and better security of whole system.
openview user data
HMI Configurator
VIEW2 HMI CONFIGURATOR allow changing look and behaviour of SCADA HMI
application for diferent group of users.
Diferent configurations for diferent group of users allow that same application can be
used for operator in Dispatch room and Engineers in plan and analisys etc.
VIEW2 HMI CONFIGURATOR allow to administrator of system that can easy
change look&feel of aplication without stoping SCADA servers.
Operator as a key person can get comfortable surrounding to work.
openview sysconf
Real time data about system
• servers
• RTUs
• Communications
• printers
openview sysconf 2
openview archive
Archived data
• instantaneous values
• min, max, average, value on beging of interval
• events
• statistic of communications
dBase for offline analisys of data
• view report subsystem – view ips
• web aplications
• Source of data for local warehouse (BIP)
• Source of data for system Perf-IS
openview archive
•data about users
•Right of access for users
•Right to access local and/or remote SCADA archives
•easy and fast method of creating reports (step by step)
•possibility of making predefined reports
•dinamic generations of reports
•tabelar view of data
•graphical view of data (line, step, pie charts)
•view of formating document
•filtering and data mining
•exporting reports in format appropriate for other applications (i.e. .csv, .html, .pdf)
•using e-mail server to sending reports automatically
•reports printout
openview archive 2
openview archive
VIEW2 REPLAY ENGINE is subsystem which use
archive data from VIEW2 SCADA system.
For analisys data we can use archive and make whole
reply of sequence which is appered in past. It is very
usefull tool for training of operator and testing in real
cases. Also it is very usefull for making analisys proper
work of operators.
openview archive
VIEW2 REPLAY ENGINE allow that selected time period
can be again review over VIEW2 HMI interface. Any data
from this period can be seen on dinamic view, and events
occured in a proper time, and also occured in the list of
With VIEW2 REPLAY ENGINE one can choose group of
data which will be replied and choosing time interval.
VIEW2 REPLAY ENGINE running in separate processes
from curently running VIEW2 SCADA system, and there is
no interference with normal operation of SCADA.
This subsystem is intent to use in plan and analisys.
openview archive
openview system
• Good communication support
• Connectivity with other SCADA
• Data availability
• Easy connection with other applications