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Agents are all licensed as independent
contractors, not as employees.
The relationship between the Agent and the
Company shall be that of an independent
contractor, and nothing contained herein shall be
construed as creating the relationship of
employer and employee. The Agent shall be free
to exercise independent judgment as to the time,
place and manner in which to perform the
services authorized under the Agreement;
however, the Company may from time to time
prescribe rules and regulations with respect to
the conduct of business, not interfering with such
freedom of action of the Agent.
Independent Contractor
For all monies reimbursed as
commissions, the Agent is an independent
contractor, and as such will not be treated
as an employee for tax purposes. The
Agent is responsible for tax purposes.
The Agent is responsible for withholding
and reporting any and all taxes, such as
federal, SECA, state withholdings and any
local self-employment taxes, on his/her
reimbursement of commissions.
Rights and
Obligations of the
The Agent shall be bound by the terms, conditions and limitations set
forth in this Agreement and the rules and practices of the Company no
and hereafter in force.
No Circular advertisement, letterhead, or other matters or material
including the name or referring to the Company is to be published, or
used in any way by the Agent unless prior approval in writing had been
granted by the Company.
The Agent shall indemnify and hold the Company harmless from all
losses, expenses, costs, damages, and liabilities resulting from
unauthorized acts or transactions by the Agent.
The Agent is not authorized to make any contract or incur any debt in the
name of the Company, nor to make, modify or amend any promotional
material of the Company.
The Agent agrees to notify the Company within 3 business days of any
investigation, inquiry, or complaint in regard to the Agents business
conduct. This includes an inquiry from any Insurance Carrier, Department
of Insurance, Legal Authority, Consumer, or Consumer Representative.
Business Conduct
The Agent agrees to conform to all applicable federal,
state and local laws in conducting business under this
Non Disclosure of
If this Agreement shall be terminated for any reason the
Agent shall promptly deliver to the Company (1) all
manuals (2) compilations of information concerning
prospects contacted through the Company (3) all printed
material of the Company (4) reports and copies thereof,
which are in the Agent’s possession or under his/her
control, ad the Agent agrees that he/she will not retain
any copies or excerpts of any such materials.
Advertising Credit
The Company agrees to reimburse the Agent for advertising
expenses such as mailers, newspaper ads, or any other form of
advertisement geared towards the solicitation of new business up
to the balance of the Agent’s advertising credit. This credit is
calculated subject to the advertising reimbursement schedule in
effect at the time. The Company retains the right to discontinue
the advertising credit or modify the advertising reimbursement
schedule at anytime without notice. If the Agent does not use
the advertising credit by the end of each calendar month the
company will utilize the outstanding balance to purchase
advertising on the behalf of the Agent. If there is any unused
portion of the advertising credit at the end of any monthly period
it will not carry over to the following month. The Agent has the
right to specify to the Company how he would like the
advertisement credit to be utilized, including but not limited to
the type of advertisement, location of advertisement, or content
of advertisement.
Prior to soliciting business, a
prospective agent must
complete all of the following:
Provide a copy of current insurance license
Complete Anti-Money Laundering Training
Provide proof of E&O Coverage
Complete all required Medicare Advantage certifications
Successfully complete the MSAA Exam
Complete Ohio LTC Partnership Training
Complete with a passing score the J L Smith Associates
Agent Exam
Sign the J L Smith Associates Life, Health and Accident
Insurance and Annuity Marketing Agreement
Sign the Agents Declaration and Background Authorization
Complete the J L Smith Associates Agent Training Modules
Sign the J L Smith Associates HIPPA Agreement