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Battle Bridge Labs
Travis R. Phipps
[email protected]
M: 918.809.2238
 17+ Years in Technology Sales & Marketing
 Started an eComm biz in 2008.
 Built it to the 3rd largest online figure skating
retailer in the states.
 Sold it in 2014.
 In meantime, built a successful PPC Agency.
 Oversees the management of 3/4 million dollars
in monthly ad spend, and generates
millions of dollars for our clients every month.
 Built Battle Bridge Labs and wrote the Hitchhiker’s
Guide to PPC in late 2014.
 Taught the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Facebook
Advertising for Perry Marshall in 2015.
 Theory
 AdWords Tips & Tricks
 Bing Ads
 Facebook Ads
 YouTube Advertising
 Resources
 Conversion Tracking
• Don’t spend a single dime on
advertising until you have your
conversion tracking in place.
• Track everything. Clicks, calls, sales,
email collection, etc, etc.
• So, what do we do with this data
now that we are collecting it?
Cost per Acquisition
Cost per Lead
Cost per Sale
Whatever floats your boat.
• Simple Example:
$100 Product
Cost of goods sold: $40
Margin: $60
Target Margin: 20% or $20
$100 - $40 - $20 =
• Target CPA = $40
• Cool trick to calculate your
target CPC.
• Target CPA x Conversion Rate.
• One of my favorite KPIs
• Return on Ad Spend!
Customer Lifetime
• One who can spend the most to
acquire a customer, is winning.
Customer Lifetime Value
 Hack to get customer lifetime
 Take total revenue and divide
by unique customers for a set
period of time.
 $3,000,000 / 15,000
AdWords Tips & Tricks
Google Shopping – I’ve got 2
words for you…
AdWords Tips & Tricks
Remember when I said Conversion
Rate is King?
 Mobile Bid Adjustments
 Geo Bid Adjustments
 Time of Day Bid Adjustments
 Day of Week Bid Adjustments
AdWords Tips & Tricks
Experiment with Conversion Optimizer
and Flexible Bid Strategies .
 15+ Conversions – 30 Days – per
 Let The Google do the work.
Alternative Sources of Traffic
 Takes advantage of “Barriers” to
 Not as much competition.
 You can still use some “hacks” that
the more developed mediums don’t
AdWords Tips & Tricks
More low hanging fruit.
 Sitelinks
 Review Extensions
 Call-out Extensions
 Call Extensions
Alternative Sources of Traffic
 Add the Facebook, AdWords, Bing
Ads remarketing pixel to your site.
 Lots of benefits.
Bing Ads
 Bing Ads
 Pros: less competition, adding things like
UET, Product Ads, Remarketing, good
support, clone your AdWords account.
 Cons: Only 30% of traffic (maybe less)
 Strict guidelines
 Less control
 I’m loving Facebook traffic.
 Remarketing, Targeting is ridiculous. Look-a-likeAudiences.
 Using the remarketing pixel on your site to target
Facebook advertisers.
 Laser targeted, you can target job titles (or
whether they advertise on Facebook).
 Consumer Behavior. Recent purchases, etc.
 New Video and Product Ads (I’m excited about
YouTube TrueView Advertising
 Where AdWords was 10 years ago.
 Easy to manage, right inside AdWords
 Your competitors aren’t doing it, yet…
 Cheap / Free Clicks
 Versatile and doesn’t have limitations of
other networks.
 VeeRoll for YouTube Advertising.
 Mongoose Metrics – Call Tracking
 Google Tag Manager
Battle Bridge Labs
Travis R. Phipps
[email protected]
M: 918.809.2238