Advertising and Drugs

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Transcript Advertising and Drugs

Advertising Gimmicks:
 The job of an advertiser is to promote a product in a
way that makes it sound appealing. The strategies
used by advertisers are called gimmicks.
 Some gimmicks are simple elaborations. However, some
advertising gimmicks deceive or trick people.
 We will be watching a video about advertising called “I
don’t Buy It”. While you watch it, try to pay attention
to any advertising gimmicks you notice in the video.
Video: “I Don’t Buy It”
 At the start of this video, we will see a young girl who
has tried cigarettes. She probably fell for some of the
gimmicks advertisers use. She might even think that
lots of kids smoke cigarettes. Actually, fewer than one
in four teenagers use tobacco. Most kids want to be
healthy and obey the law, so they don’t smoke or chew
tobacco. Let’s see what happens. (Show video)
 Discuss the video using the following questions:
 What did Amy do at the end of the video?
She quit smoking.
 It is difficult to quit smoking once a person starts. What
do you think is a better idea?
Never start smoking.
 What are some of the gimmicks the advertisers used?
They make using drugs look like fun.
They make it look cool.
They don’t tell about the irritating smoke, bad smell, cancer
risk, potential for car crashes, risk of alcoholism or other
harmful effects associated with drug use.
They only show good-looking and rich people using drugs.
 What three things can we do to get the whole truth
about the products in ads?
 Ask questions
 Get the facts
 Think about the consequences
 Sometimes other forms of media glamorize the use of
tobacco and other drugs. In some movies and
television shows, the main character, the one you are
supposed to like or admire, is shown smoking or
drinking alcohol.
 The risks and dangers of drug use are rarely mentioned
in these shows.
Advertisement Posters
 Students are going to create, share, and display
advertisements showing the whole truth about specific
 Using art supplies, design an advertisement that shows
the whole truth about one of the following topics:
Effects of secondhand smoke
Alcohol use
Tobacco use
 Students will share with class their advertisements.
 They will be on display throughout the school, so
others can learn about the dangers of these drugs.
Advertising Examples:
 What’s in a cigarette?
 Tar in Cigarettes. Still want to smoke?
 A great look at what tar build up would look like in your