Fast Surface Mount Pressure Sensor Assembly

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Transcript Fast Surface Mount Pressure Sensor Assembly

Fast Surface Mount Pressure Sensor
Assembly: model SMA1
Encapsulated absolute pressure die
Miniature packaging size
High measurement bandwidth
Slim flexible printed circuit
Air, Water & Steam compatible
The SMA1 sensor assembly offers the smallest packaged sensor assembly yet achieved in the market,
opening new fields of application for blade surface dynamic pressure measurements. Thanks to its
miniature size the sensor assembly is typically prone for high density packaging applications under high
rotational speed.
The sensor assemblies consist of an absolute pressure die mounted onto an stainless steel housing. The
housing can be easily mounted onto the blade surface with standard epoxy glue. The sensor are RTV
coated and can be applied in air, water or steam flows.
The sensors can be either operated in a constant current or constant voltage mode, and can be interfaced
on any standard signal conditioning and monitoring systems. The sensors are delivered fully calibrated
with integrated temperature compensation, if requested.
Absolute pressure range: 0.015 to 2 bar
Proof / Burst pressure: 3.6 / 6 bar
Temperature range: up to 120°C
Sensitivity: 3.2 mV/bar (unamplified)
Measurement bandwidth: +3dB @ 210kHz
Bridge resistance @ 25°C: 3.2kΩ
Temperature compensation range: 10°-120°C
Maximum steady acceleration: 90’000g.
Pressure sensitive area: 0.057mm x 0.55mm
Geometrical Data:
− The sensors can be ordered with LSc’s wireless data acquisition system (please refer to: wireless multi-sensor
measurement system product). The sensors will be delivered calibrated with the on-board electronics, and a set
of polynomial calibration coefficient will be provided to be used with LSc’s monitoring software.
− The sensors can be ordered with integrated temperature compensation
− The sensors assemblies can be delivered with a perforated cover on to of the sensor membrane for operation
in harsh environment
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