001 by adrian What is current electricity you say

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Transcript 001 by adrian What is current electricity you say

What is current electricity
you say.
well Current electricity is a charge
that flows in and out through
electrical wires. It can be stopped
or started by opening or closing
the wire connection just lick
turning a light switch from off to
How does current electricity work?
currents work by running in a in a circle
over and over. But if something cuts the
line then the current stops beaus there no
energy going the line.
What is static electricity?
Static is when the balance of protons,
electrons and neutrons become
unbalanced. Its also when portions of
electrical charges that in particles
Are there dangers of current and
static electricity?
Static electricity is usually a 'high voltage'
but low power form of electricity. You can
experience. Lightning is static electricity,
and it can damage buildings and harm
Describe safety procedures for
dealing with current and static
Were rubber gloves and Mack shear it is
insulated and grounded.
What is one safety rule for either
current or static electricity?
If your messing with a wire Mack sure it is
fully insulated and your hands aren't wet.